The Handy Guide to Refilling Your Travel-Size Perfume

Tired of lugging around a full-sized bottle of perfume when you travel? Get the same scent without the hassle by refilling your travel-sized atomizer! We've got all the tips and tricks to help you out, so you can have your favorite scent on the go.

You just got back from your fabulous vacation, and you'd love to keep a reminder of it with you. But that bottle of travel-size perfume is running low! What do you do? Well, don't worry, refilling your travel-size perfumes is actually easier than you think. Here's a handy guide on how to refill those tiny bottles.

Gather the Materials

To get started, grab your travel-size perfume bottle and make sure it has enough room for more perfume. Then, gather up a full-sized bottle of the same fragrance as well as a measuring cup or spoon (depending on how much perfume needs to be added).

Clean Out the Bottle

The next step is cleaning out the empty bottle. Start by using the cotton swab or q-tip to clean off any remaining perfume residue in the bottle. Then, use the scissors to cut off whatever remains of the spray nozzle (you can discard this). Once that's done, pour some rubbing alcohol into the bottle and use the cotton swab or q-tip again to give it one final scrubbing. The rubbing alcohol will help ensure that no old residue remains in the bottle before refilling it with a new fragrance.

Measure Out the Amount Needed

If possible, use your measuring cup or spoon to measure out the correct amount of perfume needed for your travel-size bottle. This will help ensure that you don't overfill or underfill the bottle. However, if this isn’t possible, simply pour in some perfume until it reaches just below the opening of the cap – this should give you an approximate measure of what is needed in terms of volume.

Refill and Reassemble

Now comes the fun part—refilling your travel-size perfume bottle! Begin by filling up your funnel with your preferred fragrance (make sure not to overfill!). Then place the funnel over your cleaned-out bottle and slowly pour until it's full. Once you're finished pouring, simply reattach the spray nozzle from your original travel-size bottle (or purchase one at most drugstores). And voila! Your travel-size perfume is now ready for use!

Final Thoughts About How to Refill Travel Size Perfume

Refilling a travel-size perfume bottle may seem like a daunting task but as long as you have all of your supplies and follow these steps carefully, it's actually quite simple! So don't let an empty travel-sized perfume stop you from enjoying your favorite scent on the go ever again—now you know how to refill it yourself!

Happy spritzing!

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