How to Prep Your Pooch for a Smooth Flight: A Guide to Dog Crate Prep for Air Travel

Traveling with your four-legged best friend can be quite an adventure. Especially if you’re flying! Here’s how you can make sure your pup has a smooth flight.

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Traveling with your four-legged best friend can be quite the adventure. Especially if you’re flying! And, since our furry friends have to come along in crates, it’s important to make sure that they are prepared for the journey. Thankfully, getting your pup ready to fly is actually quite simple—no matter how much they bark at the prospect of being in a crate! Here’s how you can make sure your pup has a smooth flight.

Choose the Right Crate

Choosing the right crate is key; not all crates are designed for air travel. Look for an airline-approved dog crate that meets all safety requirements and size limits. If you don’t want to invest in a new crate, simply check with your airline about their regulations and guidelines before bringing your pet onboard. This way, you can make sure that whatever crate you already own is up to snuff!

Prepare Your Pup

Prepping your pup doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive—but it does require some advance planning. Make sure you take them on plenty of walks ahead of the flight so they can get out any excess energy before being cooped up in their crate during takeoff and landing.

Additionally, give them some time outside ahead of the trip too; caged animals tend to get anxious quickly and having some extra fresh air will help keep them calm while on board. It also won't hurt if they're nice and tired from all that exercise! Finally, slip a few treats into their crate as well; after all, who doesn’t love a snack?

Fill Their Crate With Necessities

Your pup's sleeping space should include familiar items like blankets, toys, and treats (which we already mentioned!). These comforts from home will help reduce stress levels if they get frustrated or anxious mid-flight; plus, these items will also provide some entertainment during takeoff and landing when pets need to be crated due to safety protocols.

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It's also important not to forget about food and water—especially if you're traveling overseas! Pack enough food and water into the kennel so that your pooch stays fed throughout the entirety of their journey.

Our Final Thoughts

Traveling with your pet requires preparation—there’s no doubt about it! But preparing your pooch for air travel needn't be overly complicated or expensive.

All you need is an airline-approved kennel (or one that meets all safety requirements), plenty of walks prior to takeoff, familiar items from home such as toys and blankets (to keep them comfortable), plus snacks and water (to keep them satisfied). With these simple steps under your belt –err... collar–your pup will be ready for a smooth flight experience!

Happy Travels!